View Full Version : Using 7100 with Kerio server

05-17-2006, 01:08 PM
I'm no computer guy, so cut me a little slack if I don't get this right...

My company is switching from an exchange server to a Kerio server which I believe is Linux based. We are not on a BES. I am the only bb user here.

While desktop redirector has never worked for me, I have always been able to sync my calendar and contacts with my bb.

Today, I successfully enabled forwarding of my email to my BB 71001.

I cannot, however, get the handheld to sync with my calendar and contacts now that I'm on the new Kerio server. It worked fine for 3 months with Exchange.

I PM'd a couple of forum members who discussed this problem late last year, but they have not solved it either. Kerio support is also clueless on this issue.

Has anyone else solved this problem?