View Full Version : Synchronising 7100 with Notes 6.5 Calendar

05-18-2006, 05:44 AM
I've seen something similar to this posted on another thread, but I am having a problem that I think is kind of weird.
First of all, I have connected my 7100 to my work XP PC running Lotus Notes 6.5 using the USB cable. Everything works fine, except Notes crashes after the first synch. I have isolated it to the calendar - the address book and task list synch fine.
The strange thing is that I can if I clear the calendar on the 7100 using the Backup and Restore desktop application, it will synch fine - once. But if I try to synch it again, I get the "NDS is running" error message and it crashes. This happens whether or not I make changes to the calendar. That is, I can synch the calendar once (the first time), but if I try to synch it a second time (i.e. just click the synch button again), it crashes and continues to crash every subsequent time until I clear out the 7100 calendar.
I am running version 4.0 of the Desktop and Device managers.
Anyone have any ideas?
(if you can solve this one then we can move onto the Bluetooth problem...)

05-18-2006, 06:19 AM
Well after searching through the forums some more I found that there is a desktop manager version 4.1.1 that apparently fixes the problem. Will see if this works...