View Full Version : 7100G Disappearing Email and other oddities

05-18-2006, 10:12 AM

I'm new to the forum, just did a search but didn't find anything relevant. I have a Cingular 7100G. Yesterday, my phone displayed "SIM card rejected." I turned off the phone, took out the battery, then restarted. Message went away, but other problems have popped up.

The phone now displays the wrong time and date (it is supposed to pull these from the network). The phone is in GPRS mode, and it will allow me to access the web, but email is acting strange. The phone will vibrate, indicating that an email has come in, and sometimes (not always) it will auto-open the email. However, when I look at my Inbox, there are no new messages appearing since yesterday afternoon. It's like the emails are coming in but not being saved to memory.

Also, I have Google Talk application on the Blackberry, and since yesterday afternoon, I can't launch the application, Blackberry says that "Handheld does not have the required service books. Please visit blah blah blah google.com.

Also, when I restart the phone (which now takes a few minutes), it defaults with the radio turned off (never did that before).

Any suggestions? Is my SIM card screwed? Is some of my onboard memory gone?