View Full Version : 7130e and H700

05-19-2006, 12:33 AM
I got my Motorola H700 today and have a few questions:

-I still have to use the handset to disconnect the call even after I close/fold the mic. How do I enable the handset to automatically disconnect a call when I close the boom?

-Is talking caller id available? I thought the whole purpose of having the Bluetooth headset was convenience, i.e., not having to take the 7130e out of your pocket when you receive an incoming call. I suppose an alternate solution would be to set the different ring tones by caller but I can't seem to get that function to work along with the vibrate+ring setting that I have my handset set to.

-Is voice dialing available? I thought Verizon Wireless had a voice dialing service that you could add to your account. I can't seem to find this option anywhere on the VZW website. The 3rd party app., Mobile Voice Control, does not list the 7130e as a supported device.

In my opinion, the H700 or any Bluetooth headphone serves no additional functionality if the above three points have not been addressed. I may as well have just stuck with my wired headset since I have to keep reverting back to the handset to perform any of these functions.

Comments, opinions, advice? Thanks.

Great website by the way - full of useful tools and information.