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05-19-2006, 06:40 PM
I just got of the phone with TMob and they told me if my email ISP is Comcast, then attachments to those emails will not be able to be opened by my new 8700G unless i do some sort of sending to my tmo.blackberry.net account. not sure how this gets done without causing an inability to sync without duplicates.

i just returned a Treo because i thought that the keyboard would be better on the Blackberry, and that is was bullet proof, and that the 8700g would allow me to open attachments?

any suggestions of how to set up laptop/BB?


and yes, i am new to Blackberry.

05-20-2006, 08:52 AM
i haven't heard of any issues with opening attachments with Comcast accounts

What T-Mobile is recommending you do is set up a forwading rule on your Comcast account to forward your email directly to a tmo.blackberry.net address that you create.

In doing this you will get your email right away and any attachments as well. however unless you change the "reply to" address for your BIS address to your Comcast you will be sending email and repling to email using your tmo.blackberry.net address

The other option is to add your Comcast account to your BlackBerry via the T-Mobile web site. This way your email is polled about every 15 minutes. You won't need a tmo.blackberry.net address and when you send new email and reply it will automatically use your Comcast account.

You mentioned syncinign without duplicates - when you sync with your laptop your email will not be affected when your on a BIS - only a BES

i also found the following aritcle on RIM's public kb that lists what attachments are supported


I know there are more (like jpeg) now supported with BIS 2.0 (which T-Mobile is on) but can't find an updated article

Hope this helps - and enjoy your BlackBerry

05-20-2006, 09:41 AM

this is just what i was looking for. an clear explaination of how to make this whole thing work like it should.

i did add my Comcast account via the T-Mobile account. and again, what they said was that i would not be able to open attachments sent to my comcast account via BB. apparently, there are issues with the exchange servers playing nice with each other. the attachments get truncated, and so they are not valid attachments. i did try repligo and some (pdf) have worked and some pdf's and all others have not worked via the repligo process, becasue according to repligo they are corrupted (which seems to back up the T-Mobile story.

so, i'll try what you are suggesting and hopefully i can get this done before i go on vacation today. i was surprised that when in my house, (Lincoln Park north of downtown Chicago) the BB was serching for a network and i didnt get anything on it. seems pretty inadaquate. if i can solve the attachment issue, then i may keep the phone but i'm not too thrilled with not getting service when standing in my house and i still can view the street thru the window. (Sprint seems just fine, but Sprint is not my favorite company).

again, thanks

05-20-2006, 12:53 PM
good luck..and enjoy your vacation :)
glad i could help