View Full Version : Jabra BT200 & Multiple Devices

05-19-2006, 09:05 PM
Per Jabra...

How many devices can the Bluetooth headset be paired with?
The Jabra BT200/BT250 headset can be paired to up to 7 other Bluetooth units at the same time. Please pay attention to the following steps:
1. Cancel all the pairing and reset the Bluetooth headset.
2. Pair the first phone,then turn it off to pair the 2nd phone. Turn off the 2nd phone to pair the 3rd phone (the 1st phone should be off as well)...using the same way you can pair maximum 7 phones.

Note: It is only possible to be connected to one device at any time. If you wish to connect to a second device you must first disconnect from the first device.

I am trying to pair a MacBook w/ bluetooth and my Blackberry 7100i with the BT200 headset... I can pair each one individually, but can not seem to pair them to the unit together so that when I am done with my 7100 I can use the MB vice versa....

Any suggestions??? Anyone get this to work with other headsets??? I got a feeling the above instructions are incorrect...