View Full Version : 7250 Vibrate Won't Work

05-21-2006, 10:23 PM
Won't work for emails, calls, Ramble, etc. I switched to OS 4.1 a couple weeks ago, but this just started recently. I've rebooted and yanked the battery out many times. Nothing seems to work. Any tips? Thanks!

05-21-2006, 10:37 PM
So if you go to the speaker option on the home screen and set it to loud, do you get all the rings? I use the vibrate and quiet mode several times a week and have not had any issues, also I just upgraded to 4.1 OS. I have the 7250, and if I can help let me know, I have had mine for a year and am still learning new things everyday. Also I have a great IT guy that helps me out anytime. IM me if you need to. I can't remember if I have messaging information in my profile, but if I don't I'll update it.

05-21-2006, 10:46 PM
Thanks for the response. If I set it to loud (which is vibrate and ring), I get the ring but not the vibration.

05-21-2006, 10:52 PM
is there a way to IM me? I might be able to help

MSN derickettel@<hidden>
Yahoo deej1914
Aim deej1914

05-21-2006, 11:05 PM
In case you don't have IM or don't feel comfortable with that, here is something to look at. Click these in order using the track wheel

profiles icon--trackwheel
highlight tone and then push trackwheel
pick vibrate and ring option and then save.

It all depends on how you want all of you're sounds to be formatted. It's all a matter of prefrence.

05-21-2006, 11:15 PM
I've been trying to IM you. Not getting a response from you.

I already have the vibrate and ring option set. What happens is that it rings but doesn't vibrate...

05-21-2006, 11:22 PM
I'm on trillian, tell me how what IM program you are using and I'll open that single Program.

05-21-2006, 11:23 PM
AIM. Thanks.

05-21-2006, 11:27 PM
Now you got me wondering if the vibrate has gone bad. I wonder if it's the battery. Some of the cell phones that vibrate have the vibrate battery. Sorry I was not more help. I think the vibration feature is built into the unit and not the battery but who knows.

05-21-2006, 11:30 PM
Hmm... So, when yours vibrates, does the battery shake? Or does the top of the unit shake? I don't remember.

05-21-2006, 11:36 PM
I can't really tell, Hang on I see my IT guy just showed up on-line I'll ask him.

05-31-2006, 08:51 AM
I have the same problem where the 7250 stopped vibrating after upgrading to 4.0.1.
Any resolution for this issue??


06-09-2006, 11:40 AM
Ditto here. I am one of our 2 BlackBerry admins. We support near 100 users now and this is the first time I have seen this happen. We have the 7250s and I cannot get the vibrate to work correctly on one of them. It used to work, but nothing now for the past few days. I tried resetting, taking the battery out, changing the options and nothing.

09-17-2006, 05:23 AM
Back from the dead...but did u ever find a solution to this. My 7290 was vibrating fine up until a few days ago and now nothing...in any setting. Tried reset, reinstalling OS, everything with no luck

09-18-2006, 11:06 AM
If its not vibrating at all you may have a bad/stuck motor. I had one the other day I had to take apart and remove the lint. BAM works again. There easy to dissasemble and put back together as long as you have a nice T6

02-16-2007, 12:27 PM
I have one also that quit vibrating. I've got it taken apart but still not sure as to what actually makes it vibrate. Everything else is working fine.

Thanks for any answers in advance.