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06-03-2006, 04:03 PM

I am new to my 8700c and have no applications to go with it. I hope no one is offended by my request but I would like know if someone has some Free softeare that I need:

1. E-Spell
2. E-Office Pro
3. PDF Attachment Booster
4. Ascendo Photos or MiniPhoto
5. I really need a GPS software other than the Google Maps but I cannot afford to pay the monthly service charges. Any Ideas?
6. WorldMate 2006 Professional Edition for BlackBerry
7. A good English Dictionary and Thesaurus Bundle.
8. A good Spanish English Dictionary.
9. A Good PDR (Physician Desktop Reference Guide) maybe MedicineNet's Pocket Guide to Medications or somenthing better.
10. A good Atachment Handler.
11. Holidays application.
12. Date Reminder.

Please, let me know if you suggest or have somenthing better of some of these applications.


06-03-2006, 04:07 PM
You're looking for someone to give you a free copy of these pieces of software?

06-03-2006, 04:13 PM
At least to try them. If you know were I can find them at a really good price, that could work too. I just do not want to buy them and then be dissapointed afterwards.

06-03-2006, 04:17 PM
1. Public forums are not in place for you to pilfer or source pirated software.
2. Enough with the multiple posts
3. Search
4. Most vendors offer trials of their apps just make your way to their sites
5. A quick search of the BlackBerryFAQ smack dab at the top of the forum revealed the following: http://www.blackberryforums.com/showthread.php?t=316

06-03-2006, 04:18 PM
Yet another reason for MFTP...