View Full Version : BB 7100 locks up at JVM Error 102 Reset screen on 2 units in 3 days.

06-04-2006, 07:58 PM
I have been using a Blackberry 7100i for Nextel for over 6 months now and I have ran into the same problem 3 times. The phone goes to a blank white screen and it says JVM Error 102 and my only options are Reset. When I push Reset, it is a continuous loop. In the past 3 days this has happened on 2 different units.

The java apps I have on the blackberry are TeleNav, TeleNav Track, and Texas Holdem' 2. Do you think it is a Java related problem or what is it?

Thanks, Shane

06-04-2006, 08:00 PM
I just did a "search" on JVM 102 and found several hits.


Invalid code in filesystem

The system checked the COD files in the device for modification and determined that a problem exists with one or more COD files.
If all loads fail, a build process error might occur (a problem exists with signing the COD files).
If a user action on the device resulted in this problem, the reset cycle is continuous because the code in the filesystem has been corrupted. The only recovery method is to wipe the device and restore a new system

Looks like the OS has been corrupted on your 7100. You'll need to wipe it out and re-install it.

06-05-2006, 12:31 AM
You can download the OS from Nextel's website:
From there install the OS onto your computer and run Desktop Manager. Afterwards, follow the menus on screen and cross your fingers.

08-03-2006, 02:27 PM
No one has posted the essential datum here on how to recover from this dreaded error. That is to use the JL_Cmdr utility to wipe the device clean before reloading the system software.

I've encountered the error at least 10 times on two separate 7100i's. I now know (or at least believe) that the problem is software based and not in the hardware.

The key to a successful recovery is to backup your data daily to ensure that you have captured any updates to your data. When the device crashes (which it seems to do for no particular reason!), you can wipe it clean using the above utility, then restore the system software using Desktop Manager. The next to final step is to restore your last backup so that you have all your data reloaded. The final step, of course, is to reset the few settings that may not be restored by the previous step, e.g., reset your voicemail key (the number and password restore but the 1-key needs to be reset sometimes. I save "voicemail" to my directory and save that file to the 1-key).

One thing I learned today after my last recovery effort (yesterday): In the past after a restore, I couldn't find data in my MemoPad by typing the name or contents of a file. On a previous occasion when I attempted to get help from Nextel/Blackberry tech support, the tech told me to remove and reinstall the software. That worked but it was time consuming (they wanted me to redownload the two software files before reinstalling!).

Today I found out that when the find attempt fails, I can open any record, then SAVE it. Doing so restores the ability to find a file by typing part of the name or contents.

Best of luck to all who may benefit from this.