View Full Version : Comparison, ppc6700 vs bb7100i

06-05-2006, 04:57 AM
Hello everyone! Just wanted to get your thoughts. I currently have the bb 7100i nextel. I really want the ppc6700 sprint. I just want to get your insight on wich is the better pda. I really like the bb 7100i, but at the same time i am limited with certain features. The video camera, camera, mp3 player, music ringtones, and picture caller id. with the bb7100i the only real major feature that i see that I will be losing is the direct connect, Telenav, and the sure type feature. I am still learning most of the different applications that are useful to me with the bb. Also throughout the time I have been interested in pda's, the bb has been like the Bently of the pda's. I guess what I am trying to find out................. What do the pro's ( you guys think)?

06-05-2006, 10:20 AM
I had a VZW 6700 on trial before going with a 7130e. The 6700 is a nice PDA which runs the PocketPC version of Windows Mobile (rather than the smartphone version). This works well with a stylus. The trouble I ran into was using the device as a one-handed phone under less than perfect lighting conditions (car). You are stuck with a touchscreen virtual phone keypad. And the screen will wash out with the sun making this device very much a pain to use in the car or any other times you want to use it with one hand.

I finally had enough when I found myself needing to break out the stylus while driving! Not good.

The 7130e was a nice compromise for me. If you are looking for phone and email first, and other PDA functions second, the 7130e is a far better device. If you are looking for a PDA that also does phone, and can put up with the lack of one-handed operation, the 6700 is pretty nice.

06-05-2006, 12:45 PM
Ok, I never looked at it that way! I do love one handed operation with the 7100i. Thanks you really helped me think about switching!