View Full Version : Reminder of Verizon Discounts $50 7130e

06-06-2006, 04:21 PM
About a month ago I purchased a 7130E with a two year contract from Verizon for only $50.00

Unknown to me and everyone else in my office was on their business section it has a section that says "employee discounts". For the hell of it I put in my work email address and here it turns out I'm eligible for all these discounts. I got a new 7130e for $50 and I also get 18% on any package. And I get 25% off any accessory.

I figured I'd remind people of this because I never knew my company was eligible until I entered my email address. So their may be a few of you out their whose company is eligible but management never told anyone because their idiots like the management I have here.:wink:

It kind of ticked me off knowing I could have been paying a whole lot let less a month for the last 3 years but I guess later is better then never right?
But being able to tell Nextel that I was leaving after 5 years made my day. Ever since they merged with Sprint their service has been crap to say the least.