View Full Version : help BB newbie 8700c or 7250

07-25-2006, 05:20 PM
what are the main diffrences between the cingular 8700c and the verizon 7250? i have verizon for my family plan but im not sure should i open another account with cingular for the 8700c of just add the 7250 onto my family share with verizon? if it helps i mainly will use the BB for obviously Email as well as AIM through a 3rd party app. I have a sidekick II now but TMOBILE reception stinks where im at so basicaly the BB will take place of sidekick II.

07-30-2006, 12:29 PM
all it is a upgraded verison the screen on it is amazing i have the 8700c for cingular. you can look at the screen in direct sunlight and still read everything for e mail and im its a perfct tool i used to use the nokia 9500 and the treo 650 the 8700 beats all yea it does not have camera but be honest do you really need all that crap for a business and communcation tool its is perfect its gets the job done fast and quick your able to download most files and view them with no problem i am pretty sure you will like it oh and the new one i think supports verizon new highspeed network so thats a plus

07-30-2006, 01:48 PM
Both devices can do the basics of a Blackberry but 8700c is a newer one with various applications and customization. About the speed, the 8700c use a high speed processor which is really noticeable. For data transfer, the different about the network make it hard to compare betwen the two devices. I do believe the 8700c which be faster because Verizon network has ed-vo which i believe is not supported on the 7250. The EDGE (high speed) on Cingular has an impressive speed also. If you don't have a problem with sure-type and would like to go with Verizon and a new Blackberry, there is BB7130e that you should consider of. Otherwise, the 8700c generally is a better device than the 7250. Hope this piece of info help.