View Full Version : 7250 & 7290-Opinions

07-28-2006, 12:09 AM
I really like the body style of the 72xx's, but it seems like it is getting to be the older technology? I haven't owned a BB before so im not sure. I want to buy a 7250 through Verizon but what am i Not going to be able to do compared to if i had a 87xx? Someone tell me that 72xx's are still great and up to date technology! I guess I am basically asking if the 7250 is still a good BB etc. And also, is it just me, or are the 72xx's a little thinner than 87xx's? Ok thanks.

07-28-2006, 10:15 PM
guess they are crappy then...

07-28-2006, 10:19 PM
Choose your carrier first and then choose the BB.
Determine what works for you best - at home, at travel and at work.

Then choose the BB. If you do not leave North America, Verizon has a very good network. The 7130e is state of the art, albeit with a Suretype keyboard. The 7250 is fine. Upgraded to EVDO it's very fast.

If you leave North America you need to choose another carrier. I personally love the 8700 but I know people with Verizon BBs and they are very happy.