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07-30-2006, 06:45 AM
Hi all,

I am in the market for another cell phone that will do the following things for me and these are MUSTS:

1. I need a great phone, sound and voice quality is a MUST on Cingular's network.
(BB as a phone just isn't up to my standards. I only use it when I make calls in a quiet area, and when I do this I just use the speakerphone option)
2. Good to great MP3 player.
(don't want to mess with this on the BB as I want to store lots of MP3s)
3. Good to great built in camera.
(none on the BB)
4. Slim design because I will always have my BB by my side.
(need something slim as I will be carrying two devices)

I have been looking at the Samsung SGH-D807 but have seen reviews where the volume isn't as good as other phones when taking calls.

I've also looked at the Nokia N80 but the price tag is WAY too high for me. I can't see paying $500-$700 for just the above three features that I am looking for also it is a little bulky.

I currently have the Audiovox 5600 and really don't need it anymore because I have my BB and issues have come up with both the MP3 player and phone call quality. Also the OS is sluggish and I have to remove the battery at times to get it to work.

Any suggestions on which model I should look at in the $100-$300 range of cell phones with the above requirements?

Thank you

07-30-2006, 08:08 AM
Your list sounds a lot like my MOTO SLVR. Great for when I don't want to carry the Berry.