View Full Version : 3rd Party Apps w Cingular

08-02-2006, 08:45 PM
I am a newby - 1 week - wanting to download bbSpell and it mentions that i will need BES access - but per Stinsonddog's helpful information, Iunderstand that my service (Cingular) does not offer access to BES.

I'm confused about the logic of internet access from the my device. Here's my attempt at understanding and plz correct me or redirect my logic:

I have email and internet through a Cingular Server that will charge me enormously to access my 3rd party database, so I need to purchase BES to access the internet instead of using Cingular? So will all of my internet applications know to use th extra BES service? Won't my applications default to Cingular server because i have their service? If so - how do I change that default and will that mess up my email access and ability to down load updated firmware or their free Themes/Ringtone/Misc? And if you have a rough idea of what the enormous Cingular charges are to compare w/ the $10 per month extra charge through exchangemymail.com?

ALSO, to complicate things, I run an Apple - BUT i have access to a windows machine, which i used today and determined that I can use that to download Applications/Firmware updates/ETC without messing up my Contacts/Calendar.

Too Long? Any help would be appreciated.
Many Thanks,
Wise Newland