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08-08-2006, 01:47 PM
unlocked blackberry 7280 (originally at&t) now on t-mobile.

BBWeather doesnt work, says "Error: Could not find service book entry for IPPP". I did what was suggested at the beginning of /blackberry-network/2185-blackberry-internet-msn-chat-web-telnet-tcpip-no-bes.html (cant post any full urls yet...) I even called t-mobile to tell them to get the wap.voicestream.com Internet access point name added to my account, which he said it already was. The tech said he could not just send the individual service book, but only 'a blanket selection of books', which he did, but no ippp book was sent.

Last thing he suggested was to go onto my.t-mobile.com and download OZ Instant Messaging for the 7290 (which he says may work with the 7280) because it would then prompt to retrieve the required service books - but that piece of software is not present there!

Any suggestions?

08-09-2006, 07:53 AM
i'm pretty sure IPPP is only need for the BlackBerry Internet Browsing - it's possible T-Mobile doesn't allow this service on the model handheld you have (i know that some carriers restrict which models get this)

i'd call them and find out

08-10-2006, 10:29 PM
I called them and asked what you said to ask, ("is ippp going to work on my 7280 even though its an unlocked and unsupported handheld?") but the guy didnt know what i was talking about (he didnt know what ippp stood for, meant, or was used for). I dont remember him giving me a straight answer. Instead, he attempted to send my service books again two different ways (the first time of which sucessfully re-sent the ones i already had, the second time of which didnt send anything.) then finally he said "ippp is only available with BES"

I have a question, could the fact that my blackberry has at&t software on it be hampering my efforts to get ippp working? If so, would putting the 7230 (or 7290, which?) software from t-mobile fix this? and if not, would it be a good idea to get that t-mobile software on this thing anyway? I dont really want to do this if its not entirely necessary or prudent. thanks

08-11-2006, 12:26 AM
unlocked blackberry 7280 (originally at&t) now on t-mobile.

BBWeather doesnt work, says "Error: Could not find service book entry for IPPP".
Any suggestions?
I have run into the same problem with Telus on my 7130e. Telus really has no idea what I was talking about when I complained to them that BBWeather was not working. It seems that on some carriers the appllication just works, while on others, no matter what you do, BBWeather will never work. Some say that if you get BES Hosting it will work, but that will cost a lot of money just to get BBWeather working.

Some of the instructions found in the various FAQ's are really outdated, especially those pertaining to IPPP Service Books. If you have any success getting BBWeather working, I would sure be interested in knowing how you did it.

Good luck...

08-11-2006, 12:59 AM
I think the problem is that Tmobile doesn't have the proper service books for the 7280 because they don't sell that model.

08-11-2006, 09:06 PM
on this thread:
(again i apologize for having less than 10 posts and not being able to add url's to my posts...) someone mentions this:

"FWIW, the IPPP books are only pushed to the 7290 and the 7100 devices, if you have a 7230 (or other) device on t-mobile you will not get the book. You DO NOT need it to browse the web though."

so I guess some things will simply never work with my unsupported hardware, unless I go to cingular, which I may just do if their data rates are competitive with tmo's (which stands at unlimited). When my contract is up in 6 months I'm getting a brand new blackberry anyway. This one is good for me cuz i'm just beginning, and the price was right (cost me a one-year-old 20 gig ipod to trade) so I'm not complaining. Plus, bbtoday (which works, allthough reluctantly at times) gives me a weather listing, which is pretty adequate and substantial.