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08-22-2006, 01:06 AM
hi people,

how are all of you? im new to the boards i have a 8700c bb, and im loving it great thing to have it really is a crack berry lol cause im hook on it

but ok a couple of questions:
1) but is there a way to go around an error of internet.php error when logging onto a certain website? and would mini opera bypass this? or do you need to disable/enable cookies for this to be avoided?

2) sending MMS from the 8700c, im able to recieve it but unable to send it, read on another thread that it is able to but i cant figure out for the life of how to?

3) what are some of the recommended applications that one would get that are worth having/using in everyday life/business? (besides mini opera)?

now i have check all of the forums yet, but i am gonna try to go thru as much as possible, im interested in the quick tip/guides, and im gonna take a look around that forums for tips

thank you all, i look forward to chatting with all of you