View Full Version : duplicate address book entries on new 8700

08-22-2006, 02:16 AM
A while back I activated one of our users on our BES, he had a 7290, it activated fine with no problems, the user then got a 8700g, being the overkill person I am I wiped both the old and the new units, removed the user from the BES and added him again, i proceeded to activate the user on the new 8700g, it activated fine but the address book has duplicate entries... the names are exactly the same, but the numbers are all the possible variations our service providers accept ,ie: 123 4568 9012 and 123456789012... I can see why the BB would think they are different but they arent, and the previous blackberry was smart enough to know. How can I fix this?

We are running bes 4.0, exchange 2003, the blackberry has version 4.1 software. We do not install the intellisync software by default.