View Full Version : BB 7290 Device Error: 400

08-24-2006, 05:46 PM
I am interested in hearing from forum members who have been receiving errors on their 7290 of the following nature:

Device Error: 400

DUM 545

DVM 505 or 507

A strange little screen that only allows the option RESET

A strange little screen that allows you to scroll through several strange options?

If you have been needing to reload the bb software daily, weekly or monthly due to these errors I would like to hear from you.


I took mine apart on one of my surface mount rework stations and think I have stumbled onto a flaw in the manufacturing that causes these failures. I would like to try and collect more data on the problem and how widespread it is in the bb 7290.

I purchased three on ebay so far that were broken and reported the same errors and was able to repair all three to normal operational order. But I need a bigger data set to decide if it is a RIM manufacturing flaw or a custom use wear thing.

Thanks if you can help