View Full Version : BIS mail not filtering to BIS address??

08-29-2006, 10:56 AM
I have done mutliple searches on this and can't get to quite the specific query I have.

My BB was originally set up with BES and works fine. I then set up a BIS service for my personal address. At some stage (not sure if was when the first mail I received from my personal address or as soon as I set it up) my personal e-mail address was created (presumably as some kind of filtered 'inbox') below the main messages address.

Everything was again working fine with mails from my personal address showing up in the home address box as well (IIRC) in the main one. For some reason though mail from my personal box only now shows up in my main messages inbox and the other mailbox is effectively redundant. It is useful (particularly when off work) to be able to see just the personal messages via that inbox/filter. Any ideas as to why they may not be showing up there?