View Full Version : Cannot get my BB recognized by computer

09-10-2006, 06:37 PM
Ok, I have a mac, but my sister n law has a windows machine. It has win2k on it. I checked the BB site, and it says Win2K is supported. When I plug in my BB, and run the desktop software it says my device isn't connected I know the USB porst work, because she has a USB microsoft optical mouse and it works flawlessly. Any ideas? :/

09-10-2006, 07:03 PM
I don't think it's a BB problem. I have many things that use multiple USB ports including my BB, but I have a printer that I can't get for the life of me to be recognized by my desktop. It's not the printer because it works on both of my laptops. I thinks its a bug with Windows.

09-10-2006, 07:51 PM
Try opening the Desktop Manager and detecting it manually. Sometimes that's all it takes.

09-11-2006, 01:37 AM
or try changing the cable. I find with my BB8700 that it charges fine with most cables but only gets detected on the computer (both mac and win) when using one of my many usb cables (and it isnt the one that came with the unit).

09-11-2006, 08:47 AM
AND make sure the USB connecting the BB and the desktop computer is plugged directly into the computer, NOT through a USB hub, monitor, etc.

I have had that as a problem in my connecting.

09-11-2006, 09:21 AM
Try opening the Desktop Manager and detecting it manually. Sometimes that's all it takes.
Done that many times :/ Very annoying that it's not working. When it asks how the device is connected, it shows COM 1 and COM 4 ... Doesn't show USB or anything .... I also tried auto-detect ... to no avail.

09-11-2006, 10:27 AM
Dumb question? Did you have the BlackBerry connected to the PC when you installed Desktop Manager? If so, the drivers didn't get installed properly. Uninstall, disconnect BB, and reinstall BDM.

09-11-2006, 01:09 PM
there's a bunch of things. check the power status of the usb ports (may be set to poweroff the usb ports when inactive). try in different usb ports than the one it's currently in. sometimes it may even need a reloading of the bberry software (don't ask, but sometimes it does).