View Full Version : Missed Calls and Text Message button dissapears Constantly!

09-12-2006, 08:26 AM
*Update - Taking out the battery as a hard reset after freeing up some major space seemed to work, but now i'm missing my internet browser button! Still looking for a way~

Hi guys, before I start on my problem, just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful advice and tech help you've given on various topics. Its helped me (and i'm sure others as well) a lot!

Allright, so i've got a Blackberry 8900g for a while now (3-4 months at least). I've opened it up and learned how to successfully put telstra on it so I can use the Zen theme. I also learned to upload my own pics and ringtones to it, and now I am here to share my latest problem. After I do all of the aforementioned things, every once in a while, my buttons will start to dissapear, starting with my missed call log and SMS viewer (not to be confused with the SMS/MMS viewer), and ending with my BB e-mail viewer. This has happened 9 times up to today. I have correlated this bug with what seems to be low space on the blackberry from various pic and song uploads, although i'm still not sure.

What I usually do to solve it is to restore a previous backup file. Another problem I run into with this (which I hope can be answered as well) is the fact that my content store will never restore with the blackberry (although everything else will, I usually get an error at the end of the process telling me content store could not be uploaded). Despite that major hassle of re-uploading all my ringtones and pics, I manage to put everything back together.

Now however, no matter what I do, I cannot find a way to get that stupid missed call/sms button back! Everytime I get a missed call, i have to goto the SMS viewer, then view folder, then missed calls to see who called me. It is a truly infuriating problem. As far as I've checked, none of the buttons are hidden, and there is space on the BB as I checked from options, and there are no other threads on missing log button and whatnot. Is there any easy way to bring back the button so I can go back to a normal Crackberry life? If not, let's hear the hard way, as the only solution I see now is to wipe the phone clean (which I can't seem to think of any other way other than re-installing the OS). Please help me Blackberry Community!


*Am currently trying suggestion of taking battery out to reset phone. (Snowskier79) - Worked!

***Final Method = Go to Options > Security Options > Wipe Handheld.
This will wipe your BB. (Thanks to Pizzle)