View Full Version : Opera Mini saves the day!

09-15-2006, 01:49 PM
Installing Opra Mini on my 7105T was no easy task. Yes, I installed Opera Mini and then added the wap.voicestream.com in the proper place (settings, options, advanced options, TCP and typed it into the APN.) but Opera Mini wouldn't connect. I pulled the battery, still no connection.
I uninstalled Opera Mini. Made sure the wap.voicestream.com was in the APN section and then reinstalled Opera Mini. Success!
It seems the wap.voicestream.com should be placed FIRST.
Perhaps it was a coincident, but it worked for me.
Now for the reason Opera Mini saved the day.
I was going to purchase a new BB, perhaps the Pearl hoping the Internet browser would be faster. I really don't need the camera on the Pearl and outside of the slow browser on my 7105T I am content.
Opera Mini has increased speed to the point that I'll keep my 7105T.
It has other advantages (which I haven't tried) over the BB browser. Just a heads-up to all.
Check it out for yourself.