View Full Version : Scratch on 8700

09-15-2006, 09:28 PM
I have been researching all the various threads on this forum regarding fixing scratches on the 8700, including displex, etc. There appears to be some risk involved in using the products, and my unit is a corporate unit and so I am hesitant to use it without getting the following question answered.

I have a big scratch across my screeen from rubbing the screen by accident against a piece of metal - however, it's not a deep scratch at all. I can't feel it in the plastic if I run my finger over it. However, it reflects the light and appears as if it's a different color. My reaction to it ranges from slightly annoyed to drives me crazy.

Is this the type of scratch that people have removed with the products discussed, or is the product more appropriate for a deep scratch that you can feel?

Thanks all.