View Full Version : Corporate and Personal e-mail - best setup?

03-15-2005, 11:16 AM
Hey folks,
I've been researching this for a while and reading as much as I can on this forum. However, I am still at a bit of a loss.

I am trying to determine how to best set up my blackberry for use with personal and corporate e-mail.

At home I run my own exchange 2003 server (no BES)- i know, geeky, but I was an MSCE once and having my own setup helped a lot.
As a result I have outlook web access set up (on self signed SSL) and I can forward all messages to my blackberry.net account for push.

At work we do have BES- but I am not elegable to use it currently. They only support ATT devices and I am on a 7100t with tmobile. Our orginization has disabled setting up a rule to forward all messages, so that is out. I'm working with the re-director now, but it keeps crashing and won't be much good when I am traveling with my laptop. Regardless, I may throw it on one of the servers I run in the office and just not say anything to anyone 8-) . (no external pop/imap/owa access) The bottom line is that I will figure out how to get my e-mail on my BB eventually.

What I am worried about is how to reply. I dont want to reply to work messages from my personal or blackberry.net address and I dont want to reply to my personal messages from my work or blackberry.net address. I'd also like to have 2 seperate folders for incoming work messages and incoming personal.

How do most people accomplish this? Is there an easy fix?

Also, with my personal account- I'd really love it if when I am at home (in home office really) and I check mail on the personal account, they are marked as read on the BB too. Currently with forwarding to my blackberry.net address, I get duplicate e-mails. I tried to set up the BWC to check my OWA, however I cannot get into the advanced settings. I never put in https:// and its a secure page. However BWC thinks its working. The end result is that it never checks successfully. Also, On the personal side, I have some rules set up to process some incoming messages into folders, so some new items go right into folders, not my inbox. Would I ever get those on my bb?

Thanks in advance... I know its a lot to ask at once, but I'm trying to make a "go" of this device.