View Full Version : 8707G + O2 (UK) = total disaster

01-25-2007, 07:25 PM
Earlier today (25 Jan) I received an 8707g from O2, and soon after I left a post on these forums asking where my browser was. O2 did all the usual stuff of sending and resending service books, suggesting hard resets etc. The email started working like a treat though.

Two hours later, O2 confirmed that the lack of a functioning browser on the 8707g was a KNOWN fault and that though it is there on the 8707g, they can't get it to talk to their network. They and RIM are apparently working on it, but at the moment there was NO WAY of getting the browser to work on the 8707g. Gobsmacked. The fix could be days, weeks or months.

Later on, the browser icon appeared, but it didn't browse. In fact, then email stopped working. Period. In fact any BlackBerry-related service on the phone (so that's everything apart from voice & SMS) stopped working.

Great. So now I have a 8707g that is doing nothing. They have offered to replace it for the 8700g but I ordered a 8707g because of its Japan roaming possibilities (and wherever else they have 3G but not GSM/GPRS) as that's what I need it for.

If they can't fix it tomorrow I'll change over to the 8700g, but there's a lesson here: beware or be brave before you go for new models - not only may there be bugs, but people at the tech support desks don't seem to know a whole deal about the newer models. Why try and reinvent the wheel?

01-26-2007, 04:40 AM
My 8707v works well on Vodafone UK.

01-26-2007, 10:17 AM
My 8707v works well on Vodafone UK.

I gave up. They are replacing it with a 8700g. In any case, they say it's known fault with O2 / 8707g, and that they are in discussions with RIM, and it could be months, in any case certainly "not anytime soon."

Does beg the question why the sell it as a 3G handset, when it so patently is not...