View Full Version : Time zone and sync problem

01-26-2007, 06:42 AM
I travel to a lot of different countries and I set the time on my BBerry 7100g with setup and select the time zone. I keep the time set to network, not blackberry so that it will sync with the new location.

My notebook time stays on local Austin time for a variety of reasons that I don't care to list and you won't care either.

Because I have to take the SIM out of the BBerry for periods of time, if I choose not to use network time, it takes a long time to step through the menus to resync.

All is fine until I sync, and the Bberry time falls back to Austin time, not my local in country time.

Is there a way to fix this that does not involve:

A. Changing the time on my computer

B. Setting the time selection from Network to BBerry