View Full Version : BB Software v 4.2?

01-31-2007, 08:01 PM
I have a 7100i and when using the desktop manager i try to use the media manager. i get "The connected BB device does not support transferring media files. Verify that the device has BB Device Software Version 4.2 or later installed."

Is there even a v 4.2 for the 7100i? When i go to the update site it only has

01-31-2007, 08:05 PM
No, it hasn't been made available by the carriers except for the 8100 which ships with 4.2. Kindly use the search feature next time.

01-31-2007, 09:30 PM
The 7100i will not be getting the upgrade to OS 4.2. See THIS (http://www.blackberryforums.com/rim-software/47682-device-models-supported-software-versions.html) post.