View Full Version : Handsfree problems -- 7100T calls connect but no sound

03-02-2007, 04:56 PM
Some people, including myself, have been having a problem where their 7100 will make & receive calls but you have no sound in either direction.

Basically, there is silence on both ends despite the 7100 displaying "Connected". It is truly connected because the 7100 will ring the number being dialed or will ring if dialed.

It turns out that this is somehow due to the 7100 thinking that it has a wired handsfree connected to it. If you plug in a wired handset (or possibly connect with a Bluetooth headset which I don't have), you can now get audio.

If you pull the headset during a call, it will switch to the phone's own speaker & mic. However, it will then go back to no audio during the next call.

If you use the headset for a call and hang up so that the call is normally disconnected, and THEN pull the headset, then the phone will go back to using its own speaker and mic for the next call.

The major annoyance here is that my phone keeps going back to that buggy mode every once in a while.

If anyone else is having this problem and has any insight, please do share.

There is another discussion on this under the general blackberry discussion forum:

03-02-2007, 05:21 PM
I have then same problem, I don't use the wired ear piece often, but if I pull it early on a call it will screw up the mic and speaker for the next calls until plugged back in. It basically thinks the ear piece is still connected when it has been removed.