View Full Version : 8800 Linux users: looking for video tester (easy, quick)

03-03-2007, 02:41 PM
Hey there 8800 folks,

If any of y'all have a modern linux box you use around, and have 'mencoder' (part of mplayer, usually) installed, could you try out a modification to my script for me?


Comment out the 8100 setting and pick one of the 8800 settings (depending on the video you're trying to encode) then run a video file though it. I'm interested to know:

- does the resolution work/look right?
- does the audio sync? (ignore FLV conversions, they suck)
- does the video bitrate play smoothly?

Feel free to follow up here, but followups in that thread are preferred. Good or bad feedback welcome -- I don't have an 8800 yet, so need to get the masses to help. :) I'm assuming it has the same processor under the hood so the bitrates should be the same...

EDIT: if you don't have a linux box and want to help anyways, send me a PM with a link to a (non copywritten!) video, preferrably small, and I'll convert it for you to try.