View Full Version : restart when downloading ringtone

03-04-2007, 11:25 AM
tried searching, but couldnt seem to find the same problem

I have my BB Browser set to MS IE and and my GMail account (web based) to basic HTML. I try to download an .mp3 attachement that is 112k in size.... it loads the page, briefly shows the media player where I have the option to save it, and then the screen goes black, and it reboots.

Same thing with yahoo web based mail. Gets to the media player, then reboots. Cant seem to get anything to work (including removing battery & SIM card and resending service books) , which is odd because I have used the GMail method in the past and it worked fine.

Anyone else experience a similar issue and how did you resolve it?

BB, 8700c with Google maps, gmail, yahoo go, berry411, and ramble IM installed

Thanks in advance