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03-06-2007, 07:44 AM
I am sorry if solution is already on forum, I have tried searching for an hour and couldn't find anything.

Let me start with some background information: I acquired this Blackberry from a buddy who had bought it off of E-bay and never used it to it's full potential. I traded him an item of equal value and my Sony Ericsson phone to compensate for his lack of a phone.

My friend has no intimate knowledge about the device, so I browsed to Options > About and saw the following:

Blackberry(tm) 7100 Wireless Handheld (GPRS) v4.1.0.309 (Platform

Thus, I know my model is a 1700, but not whether it is a "t" or "g" etc. I have tried to determine my model on the forums but don't know what to search for and have wasted hours now.

I have also not yet been able to connect the BB to my computer yet, as my friend has not given me the cable yet - it will be coming later today. I am assuming there is some kind of firmware upgrade I will need to get?

Anyways, down to the problem:
The night I attained the BB, I put in my SIM card from my old phone (the Sony Ericsson) and powered it up. It loaded for a minute and then said

Loading SIM Phone Book.

At the same time my friend put his SIM card into my old phone. After 5 minutes, his contact list was loaded and I then told him to delete all my information from the memory - including the phone book - due to privacy concerns. He left shortly thereafter, saying that mine "would probably take awhile" since I had "many more contacts" on my SIM card. Note: I only had around 80, probably less)

After 3 hours, I was still getting the Loading SIM Phone Book message. Frustrated, I went to bed. 12 hours later the Phone Book had still not loaded. At this point, I knew something was wrong. I took the phone with me to work and finally found that I could at least navigate the menus and do everything but access the Address Book. I can even save contacts in the Call Log but then I can't get to them in the Address Book, so it's useless. This is getting in the way of things I need to do/people to call, so a timely response is much appreciated.

So essentially, I would like to find a way to

Get phone book working with SIM card phone book, or
Remove the phone book so I can at least access / make new address book, or
Completely reset the Blackberry (would this even help? Nothing to do with the SIM right?)

Important Information:
Me and my friend both have Cingular SIM cards. The Sony Ericsson is made by it's own company, but the Blackberry has a T-Mobile logo on it.

Thank you so much, and I'm sorry if this seems redundant. I am a newbie and have browsed/searched through the FAQ's etc. and have not found what I needed thus far. Thanks in advance, I will be waiting.

03-06-2007, 06:02 PM
Okay, solved it by myself - sorry to trouble you guys. I just reset the entire phone and will build a new one, slowly but surely :p

Maybe an admin should delete this? Or someone else may get same problem sometime...