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03-16-2007, 12:43 PM
This has happened now for the second time in two weeks. I landed in Houston early this AM and when the announcement was made I turned the wireless back on had Cingular 'service' and an EDGE signal. I have phone, data and International at this moment-switched over for a trip to Uruguay this week.

The first time it happened just a week ago, I had the data (laptop tether) plan and when I switched the phone back on upon arriving Houston, it was mid to late afternoon and I thought it odd that I had had no more e mails since the last one I received in the airport out west just 3 hours prior. But, it was late in the day, and what the heck, miracles do happen and it could be that I actually had no e mails on a given afternoon.

The next morning, I had still had no e mails, and that too was odd as I do business with Europe and normally wake up to many e mails for breakfast reading.

When I got to the office and started my laptop (outlook), lo and behold there were a lot of e mails waiting for me, some of which had been sent the previous afternoon.

So I powered down (on the plane I had only turned the wireless off so that I could continue to use other functions on the phone) and when I powered back on, all the e mails I saw on the laptop outlook now loaded onto the phone.

It happened again this AM upon my return from South America. I had only turned the wireless off so when I turned the wireless back on and established an EDGE signal, I noticed again that there were no e-mails. Again, it was a very early AM arrival, but there should have been e mails from Europe.

I sent a message to my wife's account to see if it would send and she got it and I have a copy in my sent folder on my laptop outlook. But no e mails arrived.

I also tried hitting the 'reconcile now' swithch and nothing changed.

So this time I powered the phone completely off while still on the plane waiting for the line to start moving to get off, and it powered back up while I was exiting the plane.

Still no e mails, so when I got home I fired up the laptop and sure enough there was the expected several dozen e mails from Europe.

Actually it may have been in this part of the cycle that I did the 'reconcile now' function.

I tried to connect to my cingular account via internet to see if I needed to activate the e mail account but it said that my server connection wasn't possible. I didn't know what that meant. We have a lot of problems with the phone (wires) service to our server and I know all too well the message where BB has kicked you off after 3 unsuccessful attempts and you have to go reactivate.

So then I powered the phone off and on again and this time all the missing e mails came poring in when it reestablished EDGE service.

Can anyone give me a hint as to what is going on?

I didn't have the trouble when I powered up in Buenos Aires where I switched planes on the way down. The service was beautiful there, and after getting some Cingular International help to find a carrier that would deliver data to me in Uruguay, I had good service there. I never once had to power the phone down and back on.

Thanks for reading this lengthy diatribe.


03-16-2007, 02:09 PM
I'd first suggest that you remove the battery and reboot the BB -- ANYTIME you think your e-mail is not coming in. It's always my first defense, and 99.9% it just needs resetting for something to click or the little mouses to get churning on the wheel.

03-16-2007, 06:37 PM
Agree with JSanders' solution. Usually works for me as well.

03-20-2007, 08:42 AM
If that doesn't work, you can always remove/readd the desktop [CMIME] service book. That usually works here where it happens frequently to our legacy AT&T users.