View Full Version : BrickBreaker issues

Jeff H
03-16-2007, 05:15 PM
I've had my 8800 for a couple of weeks. Other than an occaisonal need to reboot because it won't synch, I have had few issues. However in the last week or so, BrickBreaker does not run smoothly. It is very sluggish as if starving for memory. Makes it impossible to play in that it "stops" and "starts" throughout a game. This may have coincided with my downloading of TeleNav, but I'm not certain.

Any thoughts or fixes?

03-16-2007, 05:51 PM
Well tell us about your device. How much meory free before and after you reboot. What have you installed. The 8800 does not have alot of processor power so you got to expect some problems when you ask too much.

Hopefully the next generations of Blackberry will have alot more processing power. I use mine for email and a phone and it is more than powerful enough.

Jeff H
03-16-2007, 06:23 PM
I have 411, Gtalk, Telenav, Google Maps. Doesn't seem like a lot to me, but I'm a new user. Memory wise, I have 20738528 bytes free. I presume that's storage. Don't know about RAM or whatever the equivalent is on the BB