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03-20-2007, 08:04 AM
Dollars 5 Complete multiPlay Personal edition for Blackberry 8800 and 8100 (http://www.dollars5.com/plete/blackberry/multiplay-personal-edition-for-blackberry-pearl-8100/)

Now with ability to search for media and files from the file explorer

Dollars 5 Complete announces the multiPlay for Blackberry 8800. multiPlay is an Entertainment+Productivity+utility application for Pearl. It is a single application that multiplies as 4 functional applications.

The bundled modules are media player, vNotes, txtNotes and File explorer. Media Player is an entertainment application that allows users to listen to music, crete playlists and manage them. vNotes is a voice memo application that allows users to create memo in using different codecs. txtNotes is a notepad for Blackberry, it can create, view ASCII text files, import/export memos as text files. File Explorer is a Blackberry file system management tool that allows users to create, rename, copy, move, delete files/folders.

When released this product will remain free for personal use, while an optimized commercial professional license will also be available, with many features and unrestricted usage.

This product has been in an internal and closed public beta stage for a long period and a variety of bugs have been fixed.

The over the air (OTA) install is available from:

For people interested in downloading and installing via Blackberry desktop manager the files are available for download through the following links:
ZIP: http://www.dollars5.com/downloads/blackberry/multiPlay/multiPlay.zip
COD: http://www.dollars5.com/downloads/blackberry/multiPlay/multiPlay.cod
ALX: http://www.dollars5.com/downloads/blackberry/multiPlay/multiPlay.alx