View Full Version : Browser freeze/hang on 8800

06-06-2007, 03:11 AM
I have an 8800 on T-Mobile UK and have a problem with the RIM Browser app. The Browser freezes the whole
handset whenever I try to launch it or it is invoked from another
application. I need to restart the handset using the power key to get
it to respond again.

I have installed a few apps, but this problem didn't seem to happen
immediately after any of them (I could be wrong about that though). Other applications can use the GPRS connection fine.

I have tried changing whatever Browser-related settings I can find -
switching back and forth between "Web-and-Walk" and "t-zone" Browser
configuration for example - to no effect.

I installed a "push" weather app (WeatherPerfect or something) some
time before this began happening.

Other apps I have installed: Google Maps, Mobipocket Reader, Opera
Mini, Gmail Mobile, Litefeeds 2.5, and LJ2ME.

Please suggest any troubleshooting steps I should try.