View Full Version : REVIEW of TeleNav 5.1 for AT&T/Cingular 8800

06-06-2007, 07:58 PM
TeleNav 5.1 for AT&T/Cingular 8800 owners is now available from the TeleNav site. Here are some of the improvements:

1. Traffic Optimized Navigation: the software now checks traffic conditions and takes the same into account when giving navigation directions. Also, static traffic condition maps are available.

2. 3D and 2D "Follow Me" maps: From the map menu, you can have the software map your location. Press the menu button and select 3D Follow Me Map and you will get a real time 3D map like you would see in the navigation mode, but with no need to specify a destination. Press the menu button from here and you can also select 2D Follow Me Map, which gives you a real time overhead map view. (Why this option is not on the first menu along with 3D Follow Me Map I don't know). On the 2D map, you can move a cursor with the trackball, and then bring up the menu and get navigation directions to the cursor.

3. Bluetooth issues: Just as with TeleNav 4.7, voice dialing with a bluetooth headset can only be accomplished by using the "Turn Icons" view. However, while on a phone call using the bluetooth headset, turn directions were announced through the headset. I'm pretty sure the person on the other end of the call did not hear them. Once the call was over, directions resumed through the speaker.

4. Total Distance and ETA are alternatively displayed in 3D Navigation view.

5. Signal Strength Indicator appears in upper left corner of display.

6. Integration with BlackBerry Address Book: the TeleNav software now uses the BlackBerry Address Book, with no need to import, export, jump through hoops or anything.

7. Map Summary: this view is available from the navigation screen to show you your entire route.

8. Search Along: this search is available from the navigation screen to find businesses, etc. along your route.

There are some additional refinements as well. For example, there is a menu item that makes it very easy to change the origin point when seeking directions from somewhere other than where you are, or when you cannot get a GPS signal. Also, there seems to be more categories in the business locator.

In general, this product is much closer to what I expected from navigation software than version 4.7 was. I am very pleased with the new features, as they address most of the issues I believed were lacking in the previous version. The only feature that seems to have disappeared is the 2D real time navigation map, however, I'm happy to trade that for the 3D and 2D real time Follow Me maps.

YMMV, but I think this is a terrific upgrade.