View Full Version : Cingular 7290 as modem.

06-07-2007, 06:30 PM
I have a 7290 from cingular before they became ATT. I tried the page y'all have here to make it work as modem (Using BlackBerry As Modem - BlackBerryFAQ (http://www.blackberryfaq.com/index.php/Using_BlackBerry_As_Modem)) but I was not successful. I got that 734 error after the user/password is being verified. I wonder is anyone has revisited those intructions and they still work for those that it worked before as cingular users or maybe there is an update page that I missed. Any help will be appreciated. I know it is very slow but sometimes I would have to use what I have. Also, of those that were successful, had anyone tried to vpn that way?