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05-23-2005, 05:09 PM
T-mobile 7100t started getting Uncaught Exception error # >=# in address book and memopad. Found that it was caused by categories. I created a new folder and moved all my notes/contacts there, waited for the handheld to sync OTA. Then started adding them back by category and the handheld would then come up with different errors. Started again, but this time started by uncategorizing the note/contact in the offline folder then moving the primary online folder. once syncronized OTA i then recategorized them. All works now...

05-24-2005, 02:12 PM
Hi wreckroot,

I'm having this exact same error in my address book (I don't use the memopad). I don't quite follow how you fixed it. I have the same phone - T-Mobile 7100t - and I'm running OS 4. Can you walk through the steps that you used to fix it?

Specifically, I got lost when you said you uncategorized them in the offline folder, and then moved the primary online folder. By offline folder, do you mean you created an offline folder in Microsoft Outlook and moved all your contacts there? So your primary folder was then empty? Then you uncategorized them and moved them back to the primary folder as uncategorized contacts? You synched OTA, so now all your contacts were back on your 7100t, but none of them had categories? Is this correct so far? Then you recategorized them all, but did you recategorize them in Outlook first, or on your 7100t? I have over 1500 contacts, and I'm thinking it might take a long time to do this, so I want to get the process right before I start.

Also, I don't think my contacts sync OTA. I plug it into my laptop and sync my contacts. Do you think that will matter?

Thank You,