View Full Version : Some not so basic mail questions

05-24-2005, 12:18 PM
Really digging the BlackBerry 7100g so far. I heard the Treo 650 has a better web browser, and I believe it.. but the BB's browser isn't too bad, plus the Treo sucks as a phone, which is an automatic disqualifier for me.

I digress. I've set up one of my mailboxes on BIS so my BB checks it every 15 mins. Very cool. I was wondering if there was some way on my BB to do a manual "pull." Like, set up a mailbox and say "fetch POP mail now, from this address." That way I could just check mail when I want to, instead of having it pulled automatically every 15 mins. Is this possible?

Also, if I set up multiple mailboxes to be automatically pulled from, is there some way to have the emails automatically put into different folders, so they don't all clutter my message area? Then I can't really tell which email went to which mailbox.

I think the filter rules on BIS need work. It would be nice to set up complex filters, like "only send mail to handheld between 8AM and 5PM."