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05-25-2005, 06:56 PM
I just needed some clarification on what exactly BES service is and what it provides. I have not purchased a BB yet, but am planning on purchasing a BB 7250 through the Alltel provider. I am not conected to a business, and I will be an individual cell phone user.

I need the phone to search the web, like other phones if not better. I need to be able to check my e-mail (gmail and hotmail) and would like them to be "push e-mailed" to my phone automatically. And I also need all other various options that come with interenet (IM, AIM, MSN, downloading, etc.).
From what I understand, BES service is for html browsing (I am not sure what html browsing is exactly, if you could please explain) and all other internet functions on the BB. But someone on the board told me recently that you could do all these things without BES, and that BES is only for e-mail forwarding from BB account (or something like that).

I am confused to what BES is, also do I need BES for what I require (I dont have a central business e-mail account, just the hotmail and g-mail). Without BES, will I be able to search the internet normally?

Thanks for all responses....

05-26-2005, 09:04 AM
In short, BES is an enterprise level server that works with your corporate email system. There are hosted BES solutions available if needed as well. Your best bet would be to browse the FAQ posted at the top of the forum. I believe it has a section in there describing why you would want BES/BWC and the differences.

05-26-2005, 06:42 PM
I tried doing the search and was unseccesful, if you could give me a link to the thread you are talking about, that would be helpful.

Also, in your opinion (not just you bfrye), is BES network neccesary for my expected uses of the BB 7250. I spoke with Alltel, and their internet provided seems to not be full html, Im not sure however. Does anyone know if the Alltel service or anyother phone service wireless internet will allow me to browse the web freely (such as go to any website).