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05-26-2005, 08:48 PM
Wondering if any of you guys have this problem. Here's my set-up

7100t. I use two email addressse: 1. Enterprise email from work and 2. gmail which is set up as my return address, etc. on tmobile's email site. Both work fine.

Here's the wrinkle... since the beginning I've been synching all my PIM data from home ONLY. I want to keep my address book, etc. separate from work.

Everything used to work fine but for some reason... whenever I select reconcile I get a message to my blackberry (and gmail and tmob.net) that looks like the one pasted below.

This will continue nonstop and never get reconciled away. In fact, it screws with my reconcile at work until I sycnh. Basically, how do I stop it? I reinstallsed the desktop software at home and disable redirect but it keeps on happening. Is there a certain setting? Has anyone seen anything like this? Please let me know.

K o s

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