View Full Version : 7100t not dialing everything else works

05-27-2005, 12:46 AM
I have a BB 7100T and everything works fine except I cant get the phone to dial. I can send and receive emails and sms but when I try to dial a number nothing happens, (incoming calls go straight to voioce mail) nothing appears on the screen its as if the BB is just sitting there and I am not even touching any of the buttons. This was not a problem until a few days ago. -made calls fine- I am assuming I have some feature disabled or did something but since I am a new BB user I have no idea what. I seacrhed this forum, read the manual, and called Tmobile and have found nothing. Any help you guys can provide would be appreciated. Oh and I have done a reset and have taken the battery and sim card -and just the battery- out of the phone and left it out for a few minutes with no results; and Tmobile has verified that my accounts is up and running with no problems at all Thanks again