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05-30-2005, 02:28 PM
I currently have a 7210 through Cingular (was AT&T). I started out using it as my phone and for email. I am a very heavy email recipient (several hundred emails a day). I rarely respond on it as I have a notebook with EVDO so would typically use that if I need to do anything other than a short response. Blackberry is more just to read in meetings or where I can't really use the notebook.

I started out using as a phone but found it tedious and got rid of the phone service. With the smaller 7100 series I am rethinking it. I could upgrade to the Cingular version which would be easiest or potentially change providers.

I have two primary questions:

1. Is there a holster than can be used with the 7100 series so that you can read it without having to remove it from the holster? With the 7210 since I don't wear a belt so don't wear the holster I was always ending up with the blackberry in one hand and the holster in the other. I used the holster mostly to clip it to the inside of my purse. Otherwise, I kept it in my pocket. I did want to protect the screen and battery life. What options exist for the 7100 series?

2. I've seen references to going to web pages on this. Is this real webpages or the WAP stuff? What actually can you do?

05-30-2005, 03:09 PM
THere are those rubber covers you can get for the 7100... there is a link somewhere. That would protect your screen and you wouldn't need a holster. I clip mine to my purse and it sits there all day.

My BB goes into sleep mode or whatever when its in its holster. THe backlight shuts off and it locks, so that I'm not accidentally dialing China while it's bouncing around in my bag. I know you can adjust this but I don't know where.

The best benefit about the 7100 series is that it is pocketable. As compared to the larger versions, you can slip it in your pocket or your bag, and it's not awkward and bulky.

You can surf the web on it but, in my honest opinion, it's slow and very extremely irritating. I live in the interenet and am more likely to just look something up at home, rather than look it up on the BB. Might do in a severe pinch, but its not preferable to using a pc.

05-30-2005, 04:54 PM
I once bought a holster from the T-Mobile store that was designed to stay on as you suggest. I threw away the package -- but they are definately out there. Had a transparent cover for the keys and screen.