View Full Version : Help 3rd Party Apps Not Working

06-06-2005, 07:47 AM
Here are the basics. I have a 7100t running OS 4.0 through T-Mobile. Up until a day ago I had one SIM in the device and ran both Verichat and Bbspell without any problems. I had the APN settings (i.e. wap.voicestream.com, username and password) configured to that SIMís account.

I finally decided to consolidate phone and BB. I added BB service to the SIM that was just used as a phone (also a T Mobile account) and popped it into the current 7100t. Email and web browsing occurred almost immediately. However, with the old SIM all the 3rd party apps ran fine, the new SIM they donít work at all. I updated the APN info to accommodate for new passwords connected with the new SIM however I canít get Verichat or BBspell to connect. Verichat just goes on and on trying to connect and BBspell gives me an error message ďunable to open connectionĒ.

That said I called T Mobile, spoke to the BB support group and they told me that you are not supposed to enter any info in the APN user name and password (I find this strange as I had that info entered with the old SIM and it worked fineóincidentally the support rep told me that was impossible). I tried it without username and SIM (still didnít work).

Can anyone help me here? To recap same device, same pin, same service providerónew SIM from same provideróno 3rd party apps working?


06-06-2005, 08:07 AM
I am thinking that maybe I have the wrong username and password for my APN settings. The username I am using is the Tel Number and the Password is the password I use to access the TMO website. Is this wrong? suggestions?