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KonTiki 05-29-2006 06:01 PM

Rivet Clip System
Product: Rivet Belt Clip System
Price: Trek Rivet System $21.25 Loop System

Shift Rivet System $19.99 Belt Clip System
Belt Clip Alone $ 4.99
Dash Plate $ 4.99
Fabric Plate $ 4.99


If you are like me, my problem with cases and holsters has always been the plastic clips. I find them to be bulky and more important not secure at all. How many times have you had them come undone dropping your Blackberry to the floor. After your investment, not to mention the down time for a replacement (remember your addiction), do you want to trust it to something so flimsy as a plastic clip or a loose metal clip that will allow it to slip from your belt.

Well fret no more, I have found the Rivet Clip System.

With that in mind, the Rivet system is a swivel clip system. It's different, there is no ratcheting at all. The Rivet system is better, its very strong, all parts are made of strong metal, it is easy to use, offers a very low profile, and in my eyes it is simply superb. It gives you several options that you can't get with any other clips that I will elaborate shortly on.

The Rivet System uses a small, permanently affixed steel rivet on the back of the case. You slide the rivet into the belt clip from the top, and remove it by depressing the side button and pulling it out from the bottom.




They offer attachment options for the dash when in your car, or a system to affix in a woman's purse, a belt loop option (if you originally bought just the TREK SYSTEM). As seen in the company obtained images below.



These are simple products made with quality parts, plain and simple.

SHIFT is supposed to be the worldxxx8217;s smallest belt clip the discreet and functional design allows you to simply shift your phone from your belt to your car dash. The durable E-Clip keeps your phone securely on your belt but allows it to move out of the way for comfort whether you're sitting in a meeting, on the road or on the go. Detach your phone quickly with one hand and continue to do business with the other. The high end stainless steel design will complement your phone and your style, not to say anything about this devices durability or its lifetime warranty.

Rivet provides a lifetime Limited Warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Defective product will be either repaired or replaced with like product, at Rivet's option, without charge for parts or labor directly related to the defect.

I Installed this on both my Piel Frama case, and on the OEM plastic case. In both cases I removed the standard clips. In the OEM case after removing the original clip I glued the Steel Rivet to the exciting plastic piece (after removing the two plastic clips and gluing it to the holster itself). In the Piel Frama case I removed the clip, unscrewed the clip screw, and glued the Steel Rivet in place. The river brings 3M tape for using but I preferred removing the 3M tape and using regular super glue. As you can see here below it worked great.


OEM Holster

Conclusion: This Rivet Clip System is the best design I have seen or used, complete metal construction guarantees durability and ease of use for a very long time. It is perfect period. The light weight and low profile make for a superb product.

Pros: Quality materials, sleek, brushed stainless steel, functional and attractive. Quick release mechanism for the case facilitates ease of use.

Cons: 3M tape does not hold on to leather well (I was told as much by them that it would not ) hence my using super glue.

Rating: This Clip System in my eyes is worth 5 out of 5 berries.

kartin 05-29-2006 08:51 PM

I also use the rivet system for my basic cell phone. I agree that it works wonderfully. I have had correspondences with the maker and they are supposedly working on a better solution for the blackberry.

lgreenberg 05-30-2006 05:18 AM

Great review.

I've moved it into the Reviews Forum.

KonTiki 05-30-2006 08:36 AM

I agree kartin, I have had extensive talks with them already and I have provided them with a link to this page, I want them to see that there is an interest here for the BlackBerry and hope that this stimulates them into developing a better solution for us. If they do I will surely test it and update my original review, right now for me it is a jerry rigged solution, albeit one that i do not regret.

lgreenberg, I appreciate you moving it to the Reviews forum, Thanks.


Originally Posted by kartin
I also use the rivet system for my basic cell phone. I agree that it works wonderfully. I have had correspondences with the maker and they are supposedly working on a better solution for the blackberry.

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