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chinatti 12-20-2007 03:12 PM

S/MIME Support Package / CAL question
Hi forum,

I'm a "lightweight" BES admin that handles a small installation of BES Express with Exchange 2003. We're looking at adding S/MIME to our environment. I'm a bit confused as to exactly what we need to buy for this. My understanding is that we can enable S/MIME on the BES (I see where to do that), and then we need S/MIME CALs for the S/MIME users. But ... there's also the "S/MIME Support Package". That's where I'm confused. Looking on CDW, for example, they sell S/MIME CALs for ~$150. They also sell the "S/MIME Support Package", including 5 CALs, for ~$700. Could I simply buy a few S/MIME CALs to start off with? Or do I need the Support Package? And is there a way to get the Support Package for <5 users?

Thanks in advance.....

chinatti 12-21-2007 10:17 AM

Well I finally got deep enough into RIM's web site to find a phone number for their sales dept. I spoke to someone there who said that all I need to do is to purchase an S/MIME CAL, even just one. Apparently the email which includes the S/MIME CAL would also include a link to download the S/MIME Support Package. And that should be all I need.

Can anyone out there who has purchased S/MIME CALs confirm that?

Thanks again....

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