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immipathan 01-28-2008 08:02 PM

i have only redirected Inbox to Blackberry still recieving junk on Blackberry
Hi everybody i hope not many of you have come across this issue

what Ive found out is that the e-mail is being rederected PRIOR to hitting your junk mail folder.The transfer of junk email to the junk folder only happens when you open the Outlook email client and hit Send/Receive. If you have the Junk email filter turned on, then and only then will the emails be filtered and the junk emails will end up in the junk folder. But remember, BES sends out the email immediately when it gets it from the Exchange Server

i have set the processmail delay in registry at BES to 45 secnd that worked at some extend but still i recieve some junk mail to my blackberry but not as much as i used to. can some one please help me what to do to not get any mail from junk to blackberry.

[email address]

gibson_hg 01-28-2008 09:18 PM

You need to filter the mail so it doesn't go to your Inbox at all. If it reaches your inbox the BES still gets notified. The process mail delay reg key is to allow SPAM filters to scan the message first but if it reaches your Inbox then gets dumped into Junk Mail it will reach your BB.

You need to filter these messages at the global level or set up a filter to stop it from reaching your Inbox.

This filter works well for me:

Configuring Email Clients for Spamassassin

That's the best I can think of right now.

immipathan 01-28-2008 09:35 PM

I have think of all logic that were in my mnd to wrokaround and like you say global filter is what hitting but i thought if we can have quikc solution ...

seems like i will have to make my spam filter stronger enuogh at Exchange 2007 so that it never reach to user end and then to BB...

i have forefront security and ip block list can you guide me the best to utilize them...


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