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WickedBez 02-19-2008 08:16 AM

Software Configuration Issues
Hey Everyone...

So I was handed my BES a few months ago. And someone recently asked for me to deploy them the Sametime Messenger (which I've never done). So I try to do a simple push of a software config and it won't go.

This package hasn't been pushed out in some time. After some reading I see that I must do a software config for each BlackBerry Device series... which makes sense because I am running all new 8830's. Now what I don't get from the BES Domino Admin Guide.. is what downloads I need that distinguish the models apart. I re-downloaded the sametime messenger and tried to do a new software configuration [defined it for the 8800 series]. But it still won't push... Am I missing some handheld specific software here?

Chris - BES Padeon

Domino 6.5.5 BES 4.1.3

x14 02-19-2008 09:00 AM

Not sure where you read that stuff from but you do not need a software config per handheld model. I have 1 software config which I've pushed to every model of BlackBerry handhelds in the 8000 series.

WickedBez 02-20-2008 07:28 AM

Ok so I figured out my issue. I don't use my BES to update handhelds so first I had to update my Device.xml.

Then I had to change my share rights on the RIM share.

After I did that I just followed this link and my pushes went out in a few hours.

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