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felamas 03-18-2008 10:39 AM

BB Groupwise Messenger

My environment is Novell Groupwise.

I've already installed on Windows Server 2003 SP2, BlackBerry Enterprise Server with MDS Services and all are working fine (Controller, Router, Dispatcher, Collaboration Service and all started and running).

The "SRP Status" of the server is "Connected".

I can see all users from Groupwise Address Book.

I've already installed Enterprise Messenger on device model Pearl 8100 and this device is already assigned to the user.

When I try "Log In" Enterprise Messenger on device, I get "Unable to contact server. Please contact your IT Administrator if the problem persists".

I use normally Groupwise Messenger in my desktop workstation and the Groupwise Messenger Server is the only remote server.

What is the fail?

I would like to activate Groupwise Email and Groupwise Messenger on the device.

Where can I get manuals from Groupwise Email and Groupwise Messenger for BlackBerry devices?

Thanks a lot.

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